Wednesday, September 28, 2005

oriental medicine (cont.)

I returned to the Oriental Family clinic to resume treatment. I had a brief meeting with the acupuncturist and she was glad to see me again. We went through the regular routine. She pushed on different muscles like she was looking for something, then made a few notes. I had cupping done (see pins, and needles, and cups... oh my from the may archives) and electrotherapy with heat lamps. After placing some super hot heat pad under me she stuck pins in me at my elbow, one at my wrist, and one on the side of my hand between my wrist and my pinky. All of this is typical, the usual deal... THEN, I had some new thing done--a form of MOXIBUSTION.

Yeah... sounds like the craziest thing I've ever heard of too. First they laid a few sheets of toilet paper on my skin above my belly button right at the bottom of my rib cage and then another few sheets directly below my navel. On the two piles of tp she put wooden tubes that were smoking out of the top and bottom. Lastly, she put a sheet of tp on the top of each tube, but the smoke still rose from the top. I would say that it was like incense, if it smelled nice, but it didn't. It smelled kinda funky.

I laid there just breathing in this stuff and trying to relax. This is where it got a bit trippy. Five minutes into it I wandered into some other zone. I wasn't sleeping, just deeply relaxed and calm, somewhat like being in a meditative state or possibly a trance. When the assistant/nurse (or whatever you might call her) came over later to take out the pins I was in a completely different universe. I had no idea how much time had passed and I was shocked to discover 30 minutes had gone by.

I gladly paid 5,000W and went off to work feeling fabulous. I had a wonderful day. I felt great, but if you look at me you'd wonder what in world happened to me. My collection of perfectly circular purple bruises on my back will probably last through the week, I had two red circles on my stomach, and my clothes reek of stinky oriental clinic.

Whatever, I'm going back. I can't get enough.

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