Sunday, September 04, 2005

3 bags full

I didn't think anywhere could be more decadent and lead me to indulge in the most opulent things than Vegas... till I went to Thailand. My vacation looked a bit like this:

Hua Hin
the floating market
6 nights
7 days
many massages...
3 foot massages
3 full body massages
1 Thai medicinal massage (slightly painful)
2 hair cuts
1 pedicure
2 manicures
1 facial
eyebrows plucked (by a transvestite)
lots of shopping...

12 pairs of wrap pants (2 tailor made from irradescent silk)
2 long sleeve shirts
3 funky teeshirts
1 gorgeous strapless dress
3 tubes of lip gloss
1 mascara

2 woman stickers (in Thai)
1 sheet of Thai alphabet stickers

2 bags of coconut sugar
4 bags of salt
1 bottle of coconut oil
1 bag of bael fruit
3 packages of green curry
3 journals

2 fabulous bags (one orange, one green. 60 baht each = $1.50 each = FABULOUS!)
1 ball silk yarn
3 silk coin purses
2 silk scarves
1 silk bedspread
3 little plastic containers (for future nipples)
2 tubes Colgate Freshstripe (with a service toothbrush)
1 bottle Opirex eye lotion
2 herbal inhalers
1 bag of funny little anti-cough pills
2 bottles of herbal throat drops (plum and lemon)
Boton herbal mouth freshener
golden cup balm (for "Mascular Rheumatism, Stalns, Insect bites or Stings, Burns and Sprain, Ezema.")
1 wooden frog
2 sets wooden chopsticks
a strand of smokey quartz beads
a bag of silver dodads
1 tiny Buddha scuplture
1 tiny Ganesh
1 box Nag Champa

(including this little street food treat. A waifer of some sort, filled with like a meringue and topped with chives and toasted coconut. Strange but yummy.)
huge hoop earrings
a huge bag with elephants

AND an even larger purple duffle to put all the other stuff I bought, which amounted to 3 BAGS FULL OF THAILAND! And I always loved how objects carry stories. Though most of the time I'm too lazy to write them all. Soon all the important tales will float to the surface. I'll scoop them up and keep them in a safe place.

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mehdi said...

envy, a terrible thing. I have lots of it and it's all coz of you!

dammit, I don't want to leave...
DUDE, why couldnt u guys meet me 6 monfs ago...
damn cant sleep.

this has nothing to do with thailand does it?