Saturday, August 13, 2005


with her new nipples, nipilicious and cherry goodness.

play with my nipples.
pick the one you like. name it. let me take a picture of you.

see the slideshow for more nippleplay.

you wanna play with my nipples too? email me.


Shells Bells said...

Miss Koco your nipples made our evening!!!!! SO FUN!!! We brought our nipples around and took more photos! It was nice to meet you hopefully I'll see you around again sometime!! Damn you had a hot man friend with you...the dude with the dreds...we were drooling over him (okay mostly me)..Thanks for the tip about the king was fun times indead!!! MISS KOCO'S NIPPLES FOREVER!!!xoxo

Rachel Lynn said...

Miss Koco, I'm so glad Shelly passed along your URL, I love the pictures. I love my new nipple too!

misskoco said...

I love you guys. Fabulous, just fabulous.