Monday, July 18, 2005


I'm collecting things my students come up with that make me laugh.

For a fun challenge, I asked "What are these called," pointing to my nostrils. My class came up with:

nose hole
nose middle
nose circle
nose open
nose black hole
nose small house(my favorite)
nose hurricane

"I like penis."
I looked at this young boy and replied "You like what?" Not that there's anything wrong with liking penis, but I didn't think that's what he was trying to tell me. It turns out what he meant to say was "peanuts," but couldn't get it out right. He happens to be one of my older students who likes to experiment with profanity. It was an innocent mistake at first, but then he realized what he had said he thought he was hilarious. For the next few classes, he would sneak up to me at a quiet moment and ask how to pronounce it, how to spell it, etc. I kept brushing him off, so then he decided to write me a note. I wasn't quite sure how to respond to this... so, I did nothing.

"Teacher, what is life?"

This student has asked me on several occasions when I will get married, if I have a boyfriend, and if he is Korean, etc. on many occasions. She's very concerned about my love life. I really like her, and if it weren't for the fact that she's 11, my student, and has very low level English speaking abilities, I'd dish. She's totally the type that I could have some serious girl talk with and I bet she would have some insightful input.

This was not from one of my students, but I loved it so much I made a copy for myself. It's by Princess Elizabeth Bictoria Cornsalad Bnana hammer (we let them choose and change their English names).

This project was about protecting and saving the environment. NOTICE: It's a kitchen knife. How funny is that?!?

Anyway... I often have students write sentences on the board for the vocabulary words while I walk around and check homework. Then we look at the sentences together and correct the mistakes. The following are exactly what was written on the board. Keep in mind that most of my students are between 9 and 11 years old.

He's married a woman young enough to be his daughter. -Suzie

I have a valuable a guns and poop. -Max

Jack steals my balls!

I love being a teacher. At this point all of my students properly and regularly use fabulous in conversation (and in their writing as well). I insisted that one of my senior classes requests to go get water by using the phrase "Teacher, may I hydrate myself," or "Teacher, I need H20." Recently, I taught one class absolutely fabulous as well as DUH! I'm also giving them lessons in fabulousness, here are some of my up and coming divas and strong women playing with my sunglasses.


zachille o'neal said...

that was one of the best posts ever. ever.

Dan said...

Brilliant indeed. Isn't it illegal to put your students' pictures online, though?

Rose said...

i was cracking up at work.
teacher. penis. PLEASE.

misskoco said...

Glad you all enjoyed that. Sometimes I have to excuse myself for a moment and run into the hallway to have a good laugh and pull it together.

I don't think it is illegal to put pictures of my students online. I've seen quite a few blogs belonging to English teachers that have posted pictures of their students. I imagine it would be illegal to post images of them if I were exploiting/mistreating/abusing them in some way, but I'm not.

As a sidenote, Koreans love taking pictures. Additionally the company I work for doesn't stop taking pictures of me and my students (and they have survellience in my classroom that they use regularly--which doesn't seem quite right). They do this without getting any permission from parents or having them sign any sort of release form and then continue to post them wherever they feel like it.