Monday, July 25, 2005

hula hoop

Around quarter to nine on Sunday morning I found myself in Bucheon, buying a hula hoop.


The Davis said...

hi, i've been feeling so nostalgic. and your post from july 22nd was killer. cut to the core! geez, nicole.

life's OK here. it's one of those nights. like you were having a few nights ago. i'm left wondering "where are they" or maybe just "are they? do they"

your blog though, i must say, is very impressive and interesting and courageous. kudos. it's so nice to be able to read through months and months of your daily thoughts. how long have you been gone, again? and you will return at the end of the year? to experience! you're really doing it. i'm proud and envious. yours, dave d. (e-mail me at the mail that is hot...i'm my full name, except it's dave NOT david with my last name tacked on, no underscore, at that hottest of mails...okay, i'm obnoxious)

Uncover Japan said...

Hmm sounds a bit surreal!

misskoco said...

yeah, "surreal" would describe it. I love my new hula-hoop though.