Thursday, July 28, 2005

calling all nipples

Last year I taught myself to crochet and started making nipples. I made lots out of little pieces of yarn from other projects. I made cashmere nipples, hand dyed merino wool nipples, smooth silk nipples, fuzzy angora nipples, and even mohair nipples. I couldn't stop and I loved to give them as little gifts. All the cool kids had them.

Now, I wonder... where have all the nipples gone? I want to start a gallery. If you're fabulous, and you know it, and you have one (or two) of my handmade crocheted nipples, take a picture with them (however you like) and email it to me!

And, for a limited time only, if you're interested in getting a crocheted nipple of your own to have and to hold, drop me an email (with your address) and I'll send some miss koco love in the mail. The only catch is that I want pictures of you and the nipples (or you, your lover, and the nipple; or you, and your cat, a dirty toe, and the nipple; or something fun like that) for my archives.

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