Friday, July 08, 2005

body marks

One of the new Korean members of our staff told me recently, "you have something, right there," as he motioned to his lip. I start wiping the corner of my mouth, imagining that a piece of some tasty little snack was lingering on my face.
"Did I get it?" I asked.
"No. You have something on your lip," he replied and pointed.
"How about now?"
"There is a thing on your lip. It is very strange."

Okay, so there I was in the middle of our second conversation EVER, and he's pointing out that I have a freckle on my lip.

there it is

freckle again
and here it is again. SO WHAT!

He's not the first person to ever point out that I have a unique freckle on my lip, but come on, I don't know you. I might alsonote that I'm not going to be the first person to say that this dude is weird. It's not a cultural barrier thing here, HE'S STRANGE. So, then I say to him, "WHAT? You mean my FRECKLE!?! Yeah, that's my skin." Then I punched him, in a friendly way, and told him "Stop being weird."

What I should have told our new staff member was "Well... not only do I have a freckle on my lip but I also have a portal to another dimension on my ass. You wanna see?"

I do though. It's true. Don't believe me? Here it is:

This incident with the weirdo has made me think about the little marks people have on their bodies. Last night, over some peach soju, I was discussing scars, particularly ones on your head. I have one from the three stitches I got after slipping at ballet school and busting open my head. I was chasing another little girl and hit my head on a marble table. OUCH! At 21, I shaved my head and the scar showed. I felt so badass. I love the stories that go with body marks. Tattoo stories are good too.

gotta good body mark tale? I'd love to hear about/see it? drop me an email or post a comment.


Pamela said...

I have a semi dark (practically black) small freckle on my upper cheek by my eye. When I was younger I was at a park and these 2 women told me I had something on my face. I was like what? So they went ahead and scraped it and then even wet their hand (with their mouth!) and tried rubbing it off! Gross. Other people have commented on it as well.. now though I don't worry if there was a piece of cookie crumb left over, I just mumble "It's a freckle!"

Laurel said...

I dunno if you remember this, but my 4th toe is disproportionally shorter than my other toes. There's actually a name for the condition... for me it's genetic. Anyway whenever I would take off my shoes or wear sandals people would either STARE or just say "Did you know your toe is short?" or "What happened to your toe??!!" Once I got so fed up I handed my sock to someone and said "Oh my god! Help me look for it!" Ahh the teenage years. Since then when people meet my toe they think it's cute. Including my acupuncturist.

I also have a birthmark on my knee, about the size of the palm of my hand. It sort of looks like austrailia. It has faded as I grew but when I get a tan it really comes out. When I was a kid, someone asked me if I had spilled something on my knee. Come on-- really? People are silly.

PS I miss you!

Janine said...

Did you know I have a birth mark on my ass too? And my freckle is just positioned slightly above my lip... maybe it runs in the family?

And then there is my mole on my stomach that recently someone grabbed and tried to yank off because he thought there was a bug on me. Not so fun.

misskoco said...

Awesome! STORIES! Keep them coming.

UPDATE: I found out recently that freckles near your eye, here in Korea, are seen as the ultimate in beautymarks. Crazy stuff.