Saturday, July 02, 2005


I shared Friday with Paul and the rest of my co-workers at a bar. It's Paul's birthday too. Actually his is on the 4th, but he was born in Papua New Guinea, so we figure we were born on the same day. Our boss treated the staff to drinks, side dishes galore, and bought a cake too. We had fun and got a chance to chat with some of the new staff. At one point in the evening they had some live music and that was funny to watch.

I drank enough that many of the conversations I had seem a bit fuzzy now, but I do remember the bathroom and the decor. I was so taken by the place, I did a whole photo shoot. I'm laughing at myself, feel free to laugh at me too.

Fist of all, it was a unisex bathroom. To enter the bathroom you had to go through a beaded curtain. Right before the bathroom there was a little piece of artwork of two women. Once you enter there was a urinal and across from that was the sink. Thus, if you're a woman you run the risk of walking into the bathroom to find some man taking care of his business and you have to pass him to get to the stall.

The guys kept making jokes that the women's bathroom stall was like paradise, in comparison to the men's area, because we had a candle and flowers... I don't know, it was still a bar bathroom.

The best part of the bathroom was the crazy, dirty, funny sign above the urinal. The first thing that came to my mind was "who takes a poo in a urinal?" One of my co-workers really wanted to jack the sign, but apparently it was attached with some kind of serious caulk or something. At least they ask nicely ("Please").

On the wall outside were some other framed pieces I enjoyed:

One of the many nudes on the way to the bathroom.

Miles says "Stop talking Nicole. Shhhhh"

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