Friday, July 08, 2005

And I'm loving...

fashion photography

pamela reed


Pamela said...

You are too kind! *hugs* I will most definitely send NYC your love and kisses! Each day is a new adventure and a new experience.. I love it. Keep up the blog.. I'll be looking forward to updates. :)

Shells Bells said...

Hey Miss Koco...I see that you enjoy drag shows..from what I've read on your blogs they seem to have some fun clubs there...any that you recommend?? A night in the company of Queens is always fun :)

misskoco said...

Trance is a great spot in Itaewon. There is a drag king show that is starting on August
13th at SoHo (also in Itaewon).

I've seen one of the performers "Rick O'Shea" and it was fantastic. I love drag shows!

Shells Bells said...

Hey thanks I'll have to check those clubs out!