Monday, June 20, 2005

where my girls at?

I had a weekend full of celebrating and having fun with women. I went to the The 2005 Anti-Sexual Violence Festival: porNO? porNA! It was more about sexual freedom and empowering women than it was about watching porn, so don't get the wrong impression. They had an anti-Miss Korea competition among some other things. Unfortunately, when I got there, the tickets to the main event were sold out. The nice guy at the ticket counter let me in for a peek of the show, just as they were doing a funny lecture (in Korean) about sexually transmitted diseases. They had a lot of booths and video artwork set up in small screening rooms outside the venue. There was a really diverse mix of Koreans there. Differently abled people, people with original style, kids with their very alterna parents, very butch looking women, and my favorite was the professor in the skirt. It was a really beautiful skirt and it suited him.

I was pleased to see all these people there. I don't think Koreans talk about sex in this country very often. Though the world of technology here is very advanced their minds seem to still be stuck in the 50's. At least the 50's in America with respect to their views on women and sex, etc. The most sought-after job for a woman here is a flight attendant. You should be married by 25 popping out a kid or two soon after. There is no real dating because people don't often move out of their parent's home until they are married. Pornography doesn't even show any genetalia. Anyway... here were a bunch of people who come from all that, being really free and open and I was happy to be around them. They were celebrating themselves and speaking against the narrow and negative things promoted by (most) pornography. I dig.

Later, I got the chance to meet Rose Tae Young. She's a jazz singer, a totally wild and inspiring woman, a serious drinker, and a completely self-made woman. I get chills (or chicken skin, as the Koreans would say), just thinking about her beauty and strength.

Then we went to "All That Glitters" a drag show at SOHO, a gay bar in Itaewon. It was a lot of fun. The drink special of the evening was a "GOLDEN SHOWER" and everyone was getting one. The drag queens were a mess, chest hair showing and everything, but they put on a show. The star, by far, of the evening was Rick O'Shae. The drag king stole the show. In real life "Rick" is crazy and funny, on stage Rick is a real spectacle. JUST FABULOUS! Rick did two solo pieces, "Be A Dentist" from Little Shop of Horrors and "Mr. Cellophane" from Chicago. It was so good it made Tae Young hot. Did I mention it was fabulous? Because it was. FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!

I figured a day like this wouldn't be complete unless you make out someone's wife, witness a fight between a trannie hooker and an elderly midget, or at least go out dancing with a bunch of gay men (ever played two truths and a lie?). So, I got up on the stage of WHY NOT? (the not so fabulous club next to SOHO) and danced on the pole for a bit until my toes hurt and it was time to pass out. The sun was up when I finally got into bed. And I thought to myself "typical. you crazy bitch." as I drifted off to sleep.

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Ashley said...

same thing in Japan! All girls seem to want to be flight attendents or something related. Someone once told me it's because the uniforms are "cute".