Saturday, June 11, 2005

Seoul to Cheoncheon, to Incheon, to Seoul

I went to a wedding in Cheoncheon. Got on the bus around 10 in the AM. The bus had nice seats, they were wider and cozier than I expected. The wedding was at noon. We arrived just in time. The actual ceremony was really quick. There was no kissing. I was sorta upset about that. Then everyone went to have lunch. The bride and groom weren't anywhere to be found during the reception, and people weren't getting drunk like at the weddings I've experienced. The traditional soup with long noodles was served and then everyone left. All in all I think the wedding took about an hour and a half (reception included).

the wedding hall

I got to hang around and be part of the wedding party. The friends of the couple rented a Benz for the wedding car and decorated it. We hung around for a while, and I started to get bored. Woo seuck's girlfriend and I took pictures of the wedding hall, and each other to keep from dying. It was so HOT.

Here I am flashing the diva version of the oh so popular victory pose. Check out one of the Cheoncheon boys, who I call Harry Potter, in the back. Funny guy

We drove to Incheon to take the couple to the airport. We had some dinner, then I had some ice cream (mint chocolate chip), said goodbyes and they went off to Paris and we made our trek back to Seoul. I traveled for about 7 hours in one day.

It didn't seem like it was a long time. Woo seok's friends are fun and good to talk to. When we got back I changed and we went out to eat and drink. They all drink a lot of soju. It's quite impressive.

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