Friday, June 03, 2005

Search Query Report

So, for fun I'm checking the stats for and I pull up the search query report. Not that hundreds of people are searching for my site, but it's interesting none the less. I got a real kick out of the results. This report shows the queries that my site's visitors have sent to search engines to find misskoco. This report is useful in determining what keyword(s) refer visitors to the site.

Search QueryNumber of requests
1.miss korea 200510
2.miss korea3
3.woman nudes korea2
5.recipe for chop che1
6.lg mart in chuncheon1
7.history of chocopie1
8.chocopie korea times1
9.what does falafel mean?1
10.koco stationary1
11.miss world cup korea pics1
12.kimchi cures bird flu1
13.2005 miss korea1
14.www.korea plastic1 guan therapy pictures1 of bakery in seoul1
17.zapping seoul1
18.dalkalbi recipe1

"Zapping seoul" is just golden. I'm sure that the people trying to find "woman nudes korea" or "what does falafel mean?" were greatly disappointed to find my blog... or maybe not. You never know.

Upon snooping into my ISP reports, I also discovered that 6.37% of my traffic comes from THE CURTIS INSTITUTE OF MUSIC. I'm guessing that's you Liz. Awesome! I think you check more than my mom. Other notables: 1.70% comes from Plano, Texas--Shout out to you Mun! You're the only person I know in Texas. There's a high percentage of NYU ISPs. Nice to see the alma mater looking out. And there's someone out there checkin in from Scottsdale, Arizona... and I'm not exactly sure who that is, but I can guess. Lastly, there's someone out there in Streamwood, IL. Who are you?

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