Monday, June 06, 2005


Pusan isn't much different from Seoul, except Pusan has the beach. This weekend was non-stop adventure. I didn't sleep much but I chilled out and relaxed a lot. It was filled with a lot of ups and downs, but overall it was great.

Highlights included arriving at 5 in the morning and wandering around, the beach, VESTA (absolutely amazing JimJil Bang overlooking the beach. Yoga at 11Am everyday), going out to taste the nightlife, and the fish market.

The fish market had some serious sights to see. It had quite a stench and I wished I wasn't wearing flip flops, but it was worth it.

Fish heads, 10,000 won.

Pig heads. Display only?

dried frogs. I imagine they're a bit crunchy.

I loved all the ladies sitting around selling fish. They put such great effort into the way they displayed their funny fishy goods. Carefully stacking clams in bowls, lining up fish one by one, creating perfect grids out of bowls filled with things I wouldn't have a clue to how to prepare.

And then there were octopi, everywhere. I thought of the sweet sugarmonk, and took ojingo pics.

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