Sunday, June 19, 2005

Project L

On Sunday, keeping with the WOMAN theme, I went to see Project L. It featured works of Korean lesbians. Some of the work I enjoyed and the presentation of the work was very professional. I liked the vibe and even got the chance to talk to one of the artists.

Words from the Project L people:

"Project L is the exhibition to make lesbian identity
and cultures visible in Korean society and to take
away the distorted images of lesbians under the rude
and violent gaze of patriarchy and heterosexism. In
this exhibition, we attempt to reveal clearly the
voices of lesbians rarely referred even in homosexual
art. Here are the hotly heated voices of lesbians."

Okay that's great. However, what this show lacked was to really talk about what it meant to be a lesbian in Korea. The only piece I would guess was by a Korean lesbian was the Lesbian Box where you sat in a chair surrounded by curtains and opened a little painted box that played interviews with lesbians in Korean. All the other pieces just seemed like they were pieces by women, or about women, but they didn't speak much about their Korean identity. I was hoping to understand more about their experiences in this country holding this homosexual identity. What makes them different than a lesbian from another culture? Maybe I wasn't looking or listening hard enough, or maybe they aren't any different.

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