Thursday, June 23, 2005

persistence of memory

At 5, I went to le Centre Pompidou in Paris, and saw a funky fountain. I've dreamed about this place for decades now.

At 21, I visited the Atomium in Belgium. I climbed to the top and felt the structure moving in the wind. Though that was unsettling, it was the coolest place on earth right then.

Today, I captured the recently erected mushrooms across from Garak Market in all their glory. What a sight. I had this fantastical thought that this was a community initiative to have more public art. I imagined that the members of the apartment complex had multiple heated meetings, demanding the beautification of their neighborhood to give the area something unique to contrast the bland landscape polluted with bad architecture. Then, something went terribly wrong and they ran out of money causing them to resort to hiring someone's cousin's next door neighbor's son, who had only been in design school for half a semester (which he spent downloading Japanese porn), to design the massive work. Last second he and his friends came up with a soju induced moment of brilliance--a patch of mushrooms (you know... it's right next to the market. Market, vegetables, mushrooms, of course!) that sprayed mists of water up into the underparts of the cap and had a variety of colored lights that lit up at night. It was perfect.

I walk by this spot everyday now and see myself up there on top next to a caterpillar with a hooka. Sometimes we sit quietly, just smoking and people watching. It's nice experiencing liminal moments together. I love how he and I just shoot the breeze or point out the ajiuma "fashion don'ts" that waddle by. That caterpillar is such a queen bitch, he makes my days worthwhile and notable. I know one day I'm gonna stop by with the expectation that he'll be there and he'll have fluttered on to a new life, and I'll have to do the same... but for now, it's just good times on the mushroom.

Anyway, to the people who put this one together, whoever they may be, this one will stick in my mind like the Atomium and the fountain. So, thanks.

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