Monday, June 27, 2005

lovedreams spilled all over my floor

lovedreams pour out

Lovedreams poured from me. They bounced and wobbled across the floor. As they came to a halt they began to glow. I continued to sleep into the morning.

lovedreams glow

When I woke up I knew what had to be done. I scooped them up into a pile, with the intentions of throwing them away, but at the last moment I decided to put them in a small box to keep for later, just in case.

dreams in a pile

in a different dream...

blank dreams in a cup

multiple use blanks, to be painted on location

I went to a Korean bank to take out some money. I had to take a tiny piece of yellow construction paper, put it in my mouth, make a perfect ball, then take it and hold it between my thumb and index finger while I waited for the teller. This was the only way to get money out of an account. I remember that it specifically had to be YELLOW CONSTRUCTION PAPER. I had an immense fear that I was going to have the wrong color. Maybe I was supposed to eat pink at the bank.

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lumina said...

wow. I like you.

i'm in seoul too. Jongno-Samga.