Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fried Hard Tack

Yes the name of this snack is Fried Hard Tack. It says on the packaging:

Take the delicious
Fried Hard Tack with you,
When you climb mountains,
go fishing and eat between meals.

Yeah. I like how they give eating instructions. It's not so bad. A bit sweet and crunchy. As a bonus, it comes with a little piece of candy in a purple wrapper.


Rose said...

hardtack is like, what sailors and soldiers and pioneers used to eat. Basically like a hard cracker. Is this like, fried up hard crackers? That weirdly sounds good.

misskoco said...

Yeah it's like a cracker, but nothing like Ritz. It's equally as oily feeling on your fingers as Ritz, but the taste is completely different. It's sweet. One of my co-workers likened them to mini-doughnuts you'd get at a fair. I don't agree with this, mostly because I've never had doughnuts at a fair and can't seem to think of what he's talking about--but then again he's Canadian and maybe their fairs/amusement park type things offer a different variety of snack foods.

I must say that it's unlike anything I've had before. It wasn't bad, but not entirely fabulous or anything like that. The name, BONUS CANDY, and packaging info made it for me.

This weekend I also encountered a bottle of "Man Touch" lotion and a tube of "Lucky Fresh Enamel Toothpaste" (which I'm almost positive has no flouride in it so the only thing keeping you from getting cavaties would be some good luck).

So you want me to send you some?