Thursday, May 12, 2005

pins, and needles, and cups... oh my

Today was the first day I was bold enough to open my eyes, really look at myself with pins in my body, and check out the Oriental Family Clinic. Woah.

The cupping is actually done by using these little clear dome shaped suckers and the black air gun, hanging on the right side of the cart. The nurse sucks one of the suckers into the gun and then places it on the skin and kinda pumps it up, sucking out the air, and then moves onto the next one. I still don't understand the logic behind it all, but I'm feeling pretty good.

Found this and this though:

"Cupping is a traditional Chinese Medicine therapy. It uses a jar placed on the skin through the negative pressure to induce local congestion and blood stasis for treating diseases. It was called the “horn method” in ancient China, now it is known as “Ba Guan” or “ Ba Huo Guan”. The cupping dates back to about 3000 years and has been used as a part of the primary heath care service offered in China."

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