Sunday, May 29, 2005

Olympic Park


I spent Sunday in Olympic Park. It's huge and filled with sculptures. I was reminded of how you feel when you go to Central Park--you know you are in a big city, but strangely surrounded by trees and nature. It's nice to pretend there aren't any huge buildings just over the hill or behind the trees.


My favorite sculptures of the day were set on the 88 Lake. They looked like birds or sometimes like insects. The arms rotated in the wind and they bobbed in the water.

Frannie the dog came along and provided hours of entertainment as she ran around. I don't even like dogs, but Frannie... she's just the craziest and funniest dog I've ever met. She truly is insane and I love her for it. She makes me want to get a dog. What am I saying? I hate the thought of picking up poo.

The park seems to be THE SPOT to take photos. It was pretty, but the number of crews doing photo shoots all over the park was just overwhelming and strange. Some of them looked like a photography class or something of that nature. There would be one model, in some hideous outfit, standing in front of 5 or 6 guys with cameras. I even spotted a cluster of guys with huge lenses on their cameras, like the ones you see set up on tripods along the sidelines of a football game, just taking photos of a "model" 6 feet in front of him in a field.

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