Monday, May 23, 2005


Lately I've been generally uninspired. I feel like I need to leave the country and come back to appreciate it again. I must admit that there has been some beautiful weather, I've been loving walks around the lake, and I've really enjoyed nights out with friends, but it's no longer feeling like an adventure. I'm trying to exercise more and I even rearranged my apartment in attempts to breathe a feeling of newness into my world. My time here is feeling far too routine--like I'm counting down days until I get to the next thing.

Right now, "NEXT" is shaping up to be Thailand in August and a visit from the 'rents in July. My 6 month milestone is approaching quicker than I ever imagined it would. So, at least I have things to look forward to and time is passing quickly.

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Anonymous said...

you can take the girl out of america, but you can't take america out of the girl