Thursday, May 05, 2005

Children's Night Out

Just imagine: You're 10 years old. Your day starts at 7AM, 6:30AM, or possibly even 5:30AM. You go to school all the time--even on Saturdays--then you go to one or two academies after school to learn more math, English, Chinese, piano, or whatever is popular these days. Maybe you take some kind of martial arts classes or you're a girl scout too. You are at your academy until 8PM, 10PM, or midnight depending on which one you go to. Then you go home, eat, and start to wade through the ocean of homework you now have. And you do it all because you want to be the best, and then your mom will be proud, and she won't hit you, and if you get really good grades Dad will give you that hot handphone you've been dreaming about and drooling over. But you're tired and you just wanna play.

But there's one day. One fantastic holiday here, Children's Day, that's just like Christmas, but in some ways better. May 5th. There is great springtime weather. Teachers and all the adults you know give you candy and chocolate. Your parents buy you gifts. And the best part--you don't have to go to school. And sometimes depending on what day of the week the holiday lands on you might get up to 4 days off in a row. Maybe your parents take you to Lotte World or Everland. It's like the best day ever.

Now, what this all means for me is that today I didn't have to teach. And what that means is that right after work last night we (the teacher massive) started celebrating... for the children, of course.

The evening started with Victoria, John, and I drinking Jameson. Around midnight we stumbled over to the bar where everyone else was and had some more drinks. Then we had the brilliant idea to go to another bar. Now, this was a tent bar. By day this spot is a garage where they fix cars, but by night it is converted into a funky bar. How crazy is that?!?

tadah! Victoria, Denise, and JP

Though our time there was somewhat brief, we did stay long enough to meet this fascinating fellow. Victoria's attention was initially captured due to the exquisite outfit he was parading. I then had an immense urge to document the moment.

Oh yeah! Work it!

Okay, so what do we have here? The fashion focal point, by far, are the white shorts, followed by the Louis Vuitton man purse (By the way, as a side note, Uma Thurman looks fantastic on their site and as another side note, Lil' Kim looked a mess on her 29th B-day).

THEN we decided to go to the noreabang and I sang my little heart out till I couldn't talk. This place is right around the corner from me in the basement of some building. Notice the decor. Yes, those are blacklight posters--and one is of Niagra Falls. Ahh, Korea...

Victoria, Mr.Giles, and Denise

When Oliver's collar goes up you know he's not messin' around

We left at 5 in the morning and I came home watching the sun come again for the second time in the past week, took a shower, climbed into bed, and passed out. I woke up 3 hours later to a phone call and a beautiful hangover. I mean a real masterpiece.

So I spent the day doing important things, like watching Legally Blonde (don't ask)for the umpteenth time and searching the internet for gems. I discovered a fantastic collection of celebrity nonsense. Perhaps you're interested in taking a look at the CRUNK JUICE Listening Party or check in on Bobbi Brown and how much Bobbi Kristina is starting to look just like him. Or how there are no signs of Whitney at Bobbi Krissy's 12th B-day party. Suspicious.

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zachille o'neal said...

man, and i thought being a middle-class, jewish kid from the suburbs was lame. yeesh. poor ko-rean kids.