Saturday, May 28, 2005

as if that wasn't enough

After the X games, and the Modern Dance Festival, I went off to Dongdemun to try to buy some fabric with Ji. I was greatly disappointed to find that they had closed for the day. However, by chance we wandered into the Cosplay Festival. All the sudden we're amongst all these people in amazing costumes. There were people dressed in group themes--A Phantom of the Opera crew, a whole cast of characters from a video game, and even a group dressed as the characters from Spirited Away, to name a few. These people went all out too. There were WIGS GALORE and makeup, makeup, makeup!

Just as I made my way to the stage where they were having the fashion show and performances "Marie Antoinette" was announced. I was thrilled. Not because it was Marie Antoinette, but because suddenly they started playing Vogue and what this really was, and I would know this, was a drag performance. Yes, everyone knew this was a man, but not everyone knew that this was taken directly from Madonna's 1990 MTV Music Video Awards performance, and this queen did her homework. She knew all the choreography. Needless to say, it was fabulous.

Not Marie, but another contestant dressed in divalicious attire

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