Monday, April 25, 2005

Sunday Pictures

I went to the Rodin Gallery to see the Byron Kim Retrospective show. I loved it. His work is the type of art people would point to and say "See, that's why I don't get art. I could do that." Yeah, they're minimalist monochrome and color field pieces... but they are portraits, landscapes, and still life pieces and I can only smile because I do get it.

Some pieces made me feel calm (like the Sunday Paintings) and some made my giggle (like the Belly paintings where the encaustics were laid on so think they were sculptures). All of them were so simple I thought they were brilliant.

After checking out the exhibition I wandered around the area and ate a huge piece of juicy pineapple mounted on a stick. It dripped all over me and on my pants, but it was great. I got lost and I didn't really care. I was in an area that looked like Canal Street had exploded into an entire small city. There was crap to buy at every turn.

Some crazy belt shop.

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