Saturday, April 23, 2005

shout out to those who I adore

I sent out one announcement email about my move from blogspot and I got a bunch of emails. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear from so many people at home. And by "home" I mean where all my favorite people are. Thus, that includes Brazil (K-dawg), NYC (the sis, the NYU massive, Eric), Philly(old school friends, fam, and some fantastic new friends from my most recent and brief stay), Cali (AUNTIE!), and Florida (firewords you're fab). I love it! All your emails came at just the right time, so thanks.

As much as I love living in this new place and even enjoy my job, I must admit that I miss hanging out with my people. I've made some really great new friends here, but... I want to go hang out with Eleni and talk about nothing and everything. I want to stop by and see Dave at his job and be surprised to find Angel working a fierce outfit instead. I want to eat my mother's baked goods before I eat dinner (or lunch... or breakfast). I want Zach to come with me to see some foreign movie with great eye candy or a life changing philosophical message. I want to chill in a cafe for way too long with JP and discuss the educational system. I want to see Gia and hear all about college and talk about how crazy everyone is and how crazy we are. I want to meet up with all my friends and celebrate for no reason other than the fact that we are all together and love each other. I want to have drinks and laugh and be loud and be ridiculous all night.

so... yeah, I'm a little homesick, but not for any place. I'm planning where I'm off to next (thinking Taiwan for an extended weekend getaway) so I'll keep the stories coming.

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