Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Unending Traditional Korean Meal: Course One

The fun begins!

The first round of dishes arrive. There is a salad, some clear noodles with veggies, cabbage rolls and squash.

The salad was more impressive than the salad I've experienced thus far in Korea (usually just a bunch of sliced cabbage and some thousand island-esque dressing). There was a mixture of greens with some cabbage, carrots, tomato, and to top it off it was sprinkled with almonds. A nice touch. The dressing was nice--subtle but a little sweet.

The clear noodles are pretty common. This dish is called chopche. I like it a lot. The noodles are cold and mixed in are some vegetables, notably spinach.
Here's a recipe
and another recipe

The cabbage rolls... well, they aren't my favorite. They are cute, and magnificently put together with thin slices of cabbage wrapped into one another with other vegetables in the center. The thing I didn't enjoy about them is that they are pickled and it reminds me of sauerkraut.

The squash was delightful. Cut into 4 even pieces with the skin still on the outside it was presented quite beautifully as well. It was soft, but not too squishy, and garnished with crushed nuts. This was one of my favorites out of all the dishes.

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