Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Apparently I haven't been eating enough kimchi because I'm sick. I felt like poo so I took myself to the doctor. It was the best medical experience, probably of my entire life. I went to the doctor's office right in my building three floors down. I walk into the office, showed my medical card, and sat down. The nurse took my temperature in my ear, and sat me down at little machine that took my blood pressure. Two minutes later the doctor saw me. I went onto his office and sat down next to him. His office was modern and simple. His office had a lot of stuff, but it was organized and neat. His desk had a few piles of medical books in English and some pictures. He was professional, had a gentle face, and spoke English very well.

The doctor had a high tech little corner of fun. He misted some stuff down my throat and some other sweet medicine mist spray up my nose. Next he put a tiny camera up nose and took pictures that were instantly displayed up on a monitor in front of us. That was crazy. I sat there looking at my swollen nostrils wondering if he was going to ask if I wanted to download the pictures to my cell phone or something crazy like that. He took one look and said "You have a sinus infection. I will give you a prescription. Also please take 3 minutes of infared therapy." High tech fabulousness!

Cool. I went back out to the nurse and she asked for the 3,000 won co-pay. That was it. I was in and out in under 15 minutes.

I went to the pharmacist on the first floor and picked up my antibiotics and "the fun pack" along with a vitamin drink as service. I forgot to show them my card so I got charged 4,000 won instead of the standard 1,000 (basically my medical visit and prescription cost me about 5 bucks--the way health care should be). I have no clue what kinds of crazy meds come in the little extra packs, but I got a little yellow one, half a white one, and an extra slightly larger white pill. I've heard they often like to give you codeine. I'm kinda excited about that. It makes having a nasty sinus infection and a fever a lot nicer.

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