Wednesday, March 09, 2005

...and the chopsticks ran away with the spoon

The basic utensils to eat Korean food are a spoon and metal chopsticks (not wooden or plastic). The metal chopsticks are a little more difficult to operate. They are slightly more slippery and tapered than most chopsticks I've encountered. However, I've found that eating has become, in general, a more elegant and delicate act. I enjoy using them and many Koreans pride themselves on their chopstick abilities.

I also dig the spoon. I've become accustomed to eating rice with chopsticks, and I've found this can be troublesome at times. From my experiences thus far, Koreans don't bother trying to eat rice with chopsticks. They dig into the rice with a spoon. I like this a lot. There are a lot of stew like dishes placed in the center of the table, so you just go for it with your spoon and take out the big exciting parts with your chopsticks and put it in your bowl.

I found a nice pdf about the utenicls and the traditional cloth wrapping. Another interesting tid bit about the utencils: you're not supposed to leave your utencils in the food. It's seen as rude and you only do this when you leave food for your ancestors.

To be honest, I haven't missed a fork and a knife.

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