Thursday, February 24, 2005

a whole chicken = takdori tang

For dinner I had some kind of delicious spicy stew like dish with a whole chicken in the soup. There were leeks and potatoes (just sliced into two halves) in with the chicken. The potatoes were my favorite part. Well, almost...

The waiter spoke English, which was quite good actually. When asked where he learned English he told me that he went to an academy and had an American teacher long ago, but now in order to keep his language skills sharp he watches American TV. He was enlightening me on his favorite quality programs. They included Jerry Springer and The Bachelor. He confessed that the first time he watched Jerry he had no idea what was going on, but now he really enjoys it in order to get an idea about what American culture is like. After I went on a long tangent about how Mr. Springer's show is a terrible representation of American culture, he went on to tell me that he likes Oprah too. I don't dislike Oprah in any way, actually I think she's great, but I never watch her show. Regardless, though I'm not sure why, I must say that this made me feel really relieved. I thought, "Well, at least he watches Oprah..."

After the chicken was finished then it was time for the noodles and some squash. Not that I really could eat anymore, but it was really good, so I kept eating. Oh, I'm so content and full. I'm so happy I feel like, like... like eating ice cream.

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