Wednesday, February 09, 2005

the dumplings are making me old

On new Year's Day I woke up to a bunch of relatives and a lot of commotion in the living room and kitchen. They were all preparing for all these new year's rituals and things. Woo's cousins and mom dressed me up in traditional dress. It was really
cute, but really PINK. After a bunch of bowing we ate Dduk Gook, the traditional dumpling soup.


I'm older in Korea. When you are born you are a year old, when Lunar New Year rolls around you gain a year once you eat the dumpling soup. Your actual birthday doesn't mean much for your age. So, I cam here 25 a couple months ago and now all the sudden I'm told that I'm 27. This isn't TERRIBLE news, I just didn't expect to age so quickly.

After the vomit incident and the getting old thing I've lost my appetite. I'm feeling a bunch of posts about crazy Korean things and my new favorite cheezy guilty pleasures.

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