Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Traditional Korean

The staff went out for a traditional korean meal last night. It was INSANE! The place looked like an ancient temple. We took off our shoes and sat on the floor in our own little private room. I love that. Then the eating started. I tried everything and didn't ask what it was till after. There were so many dishes I can't even begin to describe what they were all like. There were at least 20+ dishes.

Notable ones:
1. cow cartilage, which is apparently an expensive delicacy, has a different taste completely than I would expect something like that would taste like. I must admit it did have an interesting texture. Kinda gooey, squishy, and firm towards the center.

2. At the end there was a cold cinnamony drink. I liked that. It was like drinking red hots. This came right after the warm burnt rice water soup. I didn't like this at all. However, I think that the two dishes together might make a nice breakfast snack.

3. Korean tacos: this was kinda funny. mini tortilla like thingies and mini shredded this or that in tiny bowls.

Doing dishes must be a task at these places. There were so many little dishes and bowls

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