Tuesday, January 18, 2005


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John and I went for some "toast-uh" and then out for some drinks at WA Bar after work. They have these tall square boxes where groups of people save their beer caps. When it fills up you get free drinks and snacks. John and I have been working/drinking diligently so we can win the prize. It will probably take a lifetime to fill, but it's fun to go there anyway.

The waitresses try to speak to us in English. Jenny is my favorite and one of my new Korean teachers. She only teaches me things like "you are so beautiful" and "angel" or how to say bakery properly. I have taught her "fabulous" and "hot" among other things. We discuss important topics like why Christina is better than Britney or what happens at the bath house. The boys tease me and say she has a crush on me. It's lots of fun.

If you stay at a bar long enough, and they like you, you get what's called "service" or free snacks. I love service because it's always something crazy I'd never expect. Today it was "gip'o" some kind of fish skin pancakes with peanuts on the side. For dipping sauce we had mayo and something else that tasted like a mix between hot sauce and bbq sauce. I didn't really like it. It was tough and rubbery, had a fishy taste and at the same time it was kinda sweet. Not my favorite kind of service thus far.

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