Tuesday, January 04, 2005


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The LGMart across the street from where I work is my new best friend. It's is another place where they sell everything from green tea and great produce to ski boots and knitting needles, insurance (weird but yes, insurance), super cheap little journals (the kind I can't get enough of, for like W800 - 2500, that's like .80 to $2.50), and a food court and little stations where they sell yummy things like mini-melt ice cream or little fried custard filled fried snacks.

They have these sample stands with women wearing astro boy boots and flared leg warmer type thingies and they just scream at you. I have no idea what they are saying but they are loud and aggressive. My guess is that they're like "Pork, yes we have pork! It's the best pork ever! If you don't eat my pork I'm going to eat you!" They want you to eat their sample, bad. At times it isn't anything amazing, just like beef or juice, things people buy anyway... but that's the way it works here.

I've started to eat more meat here. It was pretty rare that I'd choose to eat pork, but I found myself at the LG mart searching for pork cutlets today. Oranges seem to be a big thing here. Apparently there's no "getting sick" or missing work so people load up on vitamin C and oranges. I picked up some red bean buns, tofu, dumplings (who knows what kind I bought but they taste good and they're not kimchi), orange juice, and soju. Soju is dirt cheap, cheaper than a beer at times--and sometimes cheaper than water!

At LGMart you also have to get your produce weighed in the produce section before you pay for it at the register. You get what you want and then they put a little sticker with the price on it. I've since learned that you don't need to take a bag for bananas, and that you aren't supposed to separate certain types of bananas, even if you just want a few. This is a no-no.

Interesting note on bags: you have to pay for a plastic bag, usually about 20 won, which is like 2 cents. I don't see how that is an incentive for you to bring your own. I'm still learning how to be polite, there is a certain way to respectfully hand money, or anything for that matter, to someone. I just keep bowing and saying thank you like a moron.

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