Saturday, January 29, 2005


Kalbi is great. The waitress brings over red hot coals and sits them in this metal thing in the center of the table. Then the waiter brings over a grill and laid pieces of meat on the grill. Then the dance begins. Side dishes arrive, there is constant fussing with the food on the grill. While the waiter puts meat on, and then cuts it up with huge scissors, we put some kimchi and garlic on and let it heat. Then you have to move things on the grill to the side so it doesn't burn and put more on. In between there is the fantastic vent dance too--pull down the vent closer to the grill, put the vent back up.

We were drinking soju and cider and things started to get funny and fuzzy. I made little wraps of meat, kimchi, and different combinations of the side dishes in a lettuce leaf, but I'm not doing it properly and it keeps dripping all over me. There is so much playing with your food that goes on with Kalbi. I love it! The delicate metal chopsticks make it fun too.

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