Sunday, January 16, 2005


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I could write volumes on the snack foods but to start we have to discuss hottok. All over the place you can find stands with hottok, the little fried fish shaped treats with red bean, and waffles. Hottock is by far my favorite. It's this greasy little pancake with hot cinnamon and sugar goo on the inside. Sometimes these stands on the street are open till like 4 in the morning. It's like that perfect falafel or the pizza place when you've been drinking. The cute hoduck lady outside work, who is like 4'7, is the best. I think of her in my dreams. It's amazing how she comes to me when I sleep "hottok... hottok... the most delicious street snacky snack you'll ever know (next to toast-uh)"


And now I'm hungry. what's new?? gotta go eat!

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