Friday, January 14, 2005

drinkin' is back in school

Drinking is such a huge pastime here. It's the only thing that will keep you warm. I can't believe how cold it is here. People act like they don't feel anything though. The big fashion is mini skirts and ugs, with NO TIGHTS! One of my Korean friends told me that economists believe that the length of women's skirts has a direct relationship to the economy. Things aren't going so well so skirts are super tiny. We often find ourselves commenting on "the state of the economy" as a lady walks by. Anyway, it's cold, we drink.

I can't believe how much a person can drink here. It's like the air is different and it helps you hold all the liquor. Everyone eats a lot more while drinking and you stay out all night. Bars close when all the people go home. Meaning, sometime when the sun comes up. They don't have daylight savings time here so it isn't really light out till around quarter to eight or so. I've found myself walking home from a night out and it was so fully daytime.

Soju is not my favorite. Mixed drinks are pricey. Beer is cheap. So I drink a lot more of it than usual. Makju cheseyo! (a beer please)


Adam said...

Wasn't this an elsis quote?

Give credit where credit is due darling,

kiss kiss

misskoco said...

It was an old school reference I left for those in the know to pick up. Looks like you're in the know.
miss duprish