Saturday, January 22, 2005


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Last night I went out to Itaewon with some ladies from work to a place called Heaven. It was the last and final night of Heaven, so they had a "drink till the last drop" event and they played disco and JULIE ANDREWS show tunes all night between performances. It was fantastic! The boys there were so adorable. I mean ADORABLE.

I met Ely, who is from Ohio and is in the air force and his cute little Korean boy who knew everyone in town. They were so hilarious and fun. We dance, dance, danced and sang our little hearts out! I miss my boyfriends from home, so it was a nice treat (miss koco is blowing kisses to Dave, Scott, Marc, Kevin, and TK... and Giorgio) and so much fun. Ely is movign to Boston in a couple of months and wants to visit NYC, so I'm shipping a hottie to Chelsea. Any NYC boys who want to take him out, please let me know, I don't think you'll regret it either.

Around 2 in the morning Ely tells me I have to go to Trance with them, because there's a drag show I'll love. I was wondering how long it would take me to find them... I guess not too long. Wherever you go you're still you, right? Everywhere I go I need to know, WHERE ARE THE DRAG QUEENS? Trance's Korean Drag Queen/Trannie massive was in full force. I heard they have fantastic plastic surgery here, but there were some exquisite examples that went far beyond my expectations. None of them spoke a bit of English, but these ladies spoke the universal drag language of fierce and could lipsync Rupaul just as well as, if not better than, a native speaking queen! They were loud, bitchy, and fabulous... though not as well put together as some other ladies I've known. One had half a hand of 2 inch pink press on nails and the other hand had some dying for a manicure little nails that had been gnarled down to stubs. I was embarrassed for her. I must say though, they have a hard job. It is not easy to find a drag queen or transgendered individual in these parts, and not only were they the performers/entertainment but they were also the bar tenders. So multi-talented and hard working!

I'm in love with them, mostly because they all wear afro wigs. One of the most amazing queens came up to us later into the ealry hours of the morning and told my new Korean gay boyfriend to tell me that my body was "so beautiful." Koreans are obsessed with who's fat or looking fat, but I have yet to find a truly obese person here. None the less, I was hugely flattered, overtaken with amazement, and had to humbly bow down to this queen of drag queens who thought I was cute. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful and delicious evening.

oh, and I got to eat toast-uh on the street. Unfortunately it was mushy, not my favorite kind.

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