Thursday, December 30, 2004

Street Food "TOAST-uh"

I had an amazing egg sandwich at a street vendor. I've later found out that this is called "TOAST-uh." (everything in Korean, or Konglish has an extra vowel at the end. ex: "english-y," "lunch-y") So, this cute lady at the stand melts a little butter on the skillet throws down two pieces of bread and this omelet like egg pancake. I think it had like some pepper and tomato in it. I got the option of ham or cheese, I went with cheese. So, then the egg is done so she throws it on the bread, adds a little like cabbage salad type stuff, sprinkles sugar on the other side of the bread and tops it off with a healthy dousing of ketchup. She wraps it in tin foil and hands it over. It's great you kinda hang out around her stand, where it's ten times warmer than it is outside the little plastic covering, and chit-chat. Not that I can really chit or chat with anyone in Korean yet, but it was fun AND I can't even tell you how good this was. I'm like running out of adjectives. THEN, At the end she offers a little dixie cup of what I thought was tea but turned out to be fish broth. UNBELIEVABLE! crazy!


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