Thursday, December 30, 2004

LOTTE World and the Craze Burger

I went out to LOTTE World. It's crazy. There is an amusement park, and hotel, a department store, an ice skating rink, a grocery store, a hotel, a swimming pool... basically they're one of the like 5 companies here that own everything. Everything here is a little bit more petite and cute, like me, including my new apartment.

I've been eating some really good food. I haven't stopped stuffing my face. I just want to eat everything. I'm like "oooh, what's that?" and the next thing I know I'm eating it. I don't know the names of anything, but I'm perfecting my pointing skills. On my first real night here I went out with the new boys from work. We had some crazy snacks (a sizzling platter of all different types of sausage and a huge bowl of fruit with like yogurt and frosted flakes on top. This was surprisingly DELICIOUS!) and had some serious rounds of beer and soju. Food is a little cheaper than in the states and grocery shopping is an experience I'll be talking about for years.

For lunch on my second day my school took us out to the "Craze Burger," (which they advertise as "American Cuisine. Gourmet.") where our options included variety of burgers (including one with strawberry jam on it, and another with an egg), hot dogs, or a Philly cheese steak. I would have rather of gone out for something else.

Okay I'm hungry.

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