Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I've arrived! Where's the bakery?

The plane ride was gruesome. It was long, uncomfortable, and my nose dripped the entire time. The food was teribble, of course, and I arrived hungry. I listened to a lot of cds on the plane and knitted--nothing too exciting or noteworthy. Though they did show that Cinderella movie with Hillary Duff, which was complete crap, but those kind of movies are one of my guilty pleasures. Much to my delight I also got to watch Princess Diaries 2 on the flight from Tokyo to Seoul.

I arrived at my apartment late that night and though I hadn't slept it who knows how long at that point, I stayed up late watching tv and eating Korean pastries. For dinner I ate some crazy thing with corn that I was told is "like a pizza" that I picked up from the fabulous pastry shop at the end of my block, appropriately called "YUMMY." How perfect! I also got some green tea ice cream, one of my favorites, and a chocolate chip muffin. Chocolate here tastes different. It's like watered down. It's not as sweet or milky.

My first morning I went out to explore the hood. I had to buy toliet paper, which thus far I've only found in the sandpaper variety. There's a bead shop two blocks down from me and a toy store right next to the bakery that sells yarn. There are a bunch of bars and internet cafes (PC rooms, or PC BONGS as they are called bong = room = hilarious!) all over. Thus far Seoul feels a bit like NY, you plug into the flow and pulse of the city and just go about your business. I expected things to feel really strange. And some things do, like the language thing.

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